Powerpoint: Insert active web page
Install LiveWeb; http://www.mvps.org/skp/liveweb.htm

Powerpoint: Presentation
Use slide show, set up show, multiple monitors to have special screen on display while slide projected

Powerpoint: use Director


Powerpoint: use Flash

Powerpoint: Remote file access

Remote access to files running under PPT require internet address of host, not direct "C:\" drive.  Load the file by going through "Network Places" to host computer (even when working on host computer)

PocketPC video

Get TCPMP: http://corecodec.org/projects/tcpmp/
download any plugins
find mepg-4 aac audio decoder form betaplayer site: http://www.rarewares.org/aac.html

Make Flash Video

Flash movie in Flash Player 7 (highest player for PPC, 2003ed2)
Extract mov file and save as qt movie, using QT Pro Player
Open Flash 8
Create new .fla document
File>Import movie.  Use flv file (check how to make this from qt)
Select progressive download from server for streaming and FLV player; otherwise make swf file with viseo included
Encoding  as Flash 7 - Medium; Use Sorenson Spark (not VP6) encoder
For Flash 8, select skinning (this file needs to be copies to website as well)
Otherwise, do not save, but publish as Flash 7 (swf and html), using 220wx240h pixel area for PPC
Slider sometimes fails to work ?????

All files should be in same directory to avoid linking problems.

Note clear webbrowser cache each time before when testing new flash file with same name!!